Our expertise

We focus on knowing our market and working across
most technologies in the IT field.


Where we are active and knowledgeable.

As International Organizations endeavour to reap the benefits of new and emerging ICT trends by integrating them into their operational environment, significant challenges arise. Digitera Group is in a unique position to support its customers throughout this process as it combines multiple traits, such as a deep understanding of the Institutions’ existing environment and future expectations, an excellent overview of and familiarization with new technological trends, a local presence in multiple European countries and a close proximity to most EU Institutions as well as extensive expertise in multiple delivery models, from IT resourcing to Managed Services.

Digitera Group has achieved a prominent position within the EU Institutions market as an EU-minded provider of quality solutions and a trusted partner of major players, some of whom have been serving the market for more than 30 years. With the combination of highly skilled people, industry-best practices and methodologies and a proven track record, we have become key players in well-established collaborations. Our presence is not limited to the European Institutions but expands to multiple International Organizations such as NATO, the European Patent Office, the European Court of Auditors and many others.

As for the fields in which we provide services, our consultants are divided within a large number of areas inside the IT sector:

  • Software and Application development
  • Infrastructure, Networks & Administration
  • Business Intelligence & Business Analysis
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • User Support and Helpdesk
  • QA & Testing
  • Web Development
  • Project Management & Training
  • Database Development
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • AMX
  • Technical Writing and others
  • Among them, our top experts can be found in Java Developers & Architects, SharePoint & .NET Developers, Project Managers & Trainers, User Support Person & Helpdesk and Infrastructure/Network Engineers & System Administrators.



    • Software Development
    • Web Development
    • System Management
    • Helpdesk & Support
    • Business Intelligence